Sunday, February 7, 2016

America Should Adopt China's "One Child Policy" Says Professor

                 Bowdoin College associate philosophy professor Sarah Conly recently penned an Op-Ed piece that was published in the Boston Globe. She used the piece to suggest that America should adopt the one-child policy that the Chinese government mandated for decades. She wrote that government must “pave the way for a prosperous, stable society for future citizens. Any kind of one-child policy will be unattractive, but the alternative looks to be worse.”
                She believes that the 7.3 billion people currently on Earth have already caused such great environmental damage that no American citizen has the “moral right” to add to it. Nothing scary there. You see, population control is the key to stabilizing the country…and saving the planet!
                She believes we should take draconian steps to limit our population growth in the interest of a “prosperous, stable society,” Natural Law and “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” be damned.
                Most on the left who “think” like she does also believe in unrestricted illegal immigration and “sanctuary cities.”

                You can’t make it up.

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