Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Antonin Scalia And Twitter Litter

                 The “Twitterverse,” that vile playground for the vulgar, tacky and illiterate, exploded with grave dancers the past couple of days with the announcement of Justice Scalia’s passing. Even a few of my more liberal associates were shocked by the number of tweets reveling in his death.
                Antonin Scalia was an extremely intelligent man who enjoyed laughing. He was rational, reasoned and deliberative. His prose- whether writing a majority or minority opinion- was sharp, clear and illustrative. He believed deeply in the rule of law and the impartiality of the court. He held that now old-fashioned notion that the Court’s role was to interpret the laws, not make the laws. He also believed in the Constitution and that the Founders meant what they wrote. He was a giant of the Judiciary.
                It was a sad day in what’s left of America when he died. It has been made immeasurably sadder still with the reaction to his death on Twitter and other progressive social media outlets.

(President Obama cannot find the time to attend Justice Scalia’s funeral. He has promised to find the time to name his replacement. The last Supreme Court Justice to pass away was William Rehnquist. George W. Bush, president at the time, not only attended the funeral, he gave the eulogy).

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