Monday, February 29, 2016

YouGov Survey Finds Americans Under Thirty Favor Socialism

                 A survey conducted late last month by YouGov found that a shocking 43 percent of Americans under 30 have a favorable view of socialism, while only about 32 percent had a favorable view of capitalism. Conversely, of those over 65, 63% had a favorable view of capitalism while only 23% had a favorable view of socialism.
                The survey results clearly reveal a number of facts: 1) Rapid demographic changes are having an effect on the political views of the American populace, much to the delight of the establishment of both parties. The vast majority of illegal immigrants, for various reasons, are young. 2) Schools at all levels are failing to teach history or failing to teach it accurately and honestly. Anyone who knows the history of socialist/Marxist/communist countries knows it is an unbroken streak of human misery, dictatorship, plunging standards of living and outright evil at worst- and drastically limited human freedoms and an attendant breakdown in innovation, religion, morale, respect for life and individual self-esteem at best.
                Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba, the Cold War. The under 30 crowd didn’t live in this era, of course, so they don’t have first-hand knowledge of it. And now they aren’t being taught history, except perhaps through a revisionist, Marxist prism. Leftists control all of America’s major institutions, so that even outside of academia, all they are exposed to in the mainstream media, Hollywood, music, social media, etc., is a constant barrage of mindless, craven, intolerant, politically-correct…twaddle.
                3) As we have reached an unprecedented level of wealth and comfort, with previously unheard of amounts of leisure time, we have gone soft. In an apparent attempt to be caring and humane, we have built a welfare state that allows those who don’t wish to work the ability to stay home and collect an unearned paycheck, taken from the ever fewer number of folks with the integrity and character to keep working. Smoking weed and playing video games is cool. And it still leaves one with plenty of time to denounce the rich and lobby for free college tuition, free birth control and free…everything else, too.
                Not having experienced what previous generations had to go through to survive, such as hunting woolly mammoths and living in caves; living in a small home with no electricity, heat, television, phones or internet;  or fighting off a lengthy global depression, and fighting in two World Wars, etc., etc.,…has left the millennial generation, as a whole, utterly spoiled, entitled, infantilized and effeminate.
                These factors combine to explain why the majority of millennials are pro-socialism and are consequently voting for Bernie Sanders in overwhelming numbers. It still boggles the mind, though,  how ignorant and blinded by groundless emotion people can be. It is stunning that many disdain the very folks who produce the wealth that they seek to transfer to themselves.

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