Monday, February 8, 2016

Democratic Debate, Hillary's Polling Passion

                 MSNBC reports that Hillary Clinton spent as much on polling this past quarter as the top 6 Republican presidential candidates combined. Knock me over with the proverbial feather. Very Clintonesque. Finger-in-the-wind, paranoid, controlling and ready to change positions at a moment’s notice.
                It was also revealed  that last Thursday night’s Democratic debate broadcast on MSNBC was- by far- the lowest rated debate of any in this 2016 election cycle. Only 4.5 million people bothered to tune in to Watch Hillary and Bernie go at it. Prior to last night, the least-watched 2016 presidential debate was the Democratic affair held on the Saturday night before Christmas. Only 7.8 million citizens tuned in to ABC to catch that festive extravaganza. (By contrast, the Republican debates have attracted 10-14 million viewers to watch half a dozen or more candidates robustly debate real issues).

                There are two reasons for last Thursday night’s low numbers. 1) MSNBC. Nobody wants to watch it. 2) Hillary and Bernie. One is a pathological liar, the other a committed Socialist. Few want to watch two old white Democrats argue over whom would best finish off America.

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