Monday, February 8, 2016

Marines Ordered To Become Gender Neutral

                The Marine Corps has now been ordered to devise a plan to make its enlisted entry-level training coed and to make its job titles gender-neutral following the recent directive to open all military combat roles to women.
                In a January 1 memo to Marine Commandant General Robert Neller, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus requested a “detailed plan” on how the service will fully integrate its boot camp and Officer Candidate School. The plan is to be implemented by April 1st of this year, according to the memo. No fooling.
                Some of the Corps’ titles in line to be neutered are reconnaissance man, fire support man and field artillery sensor support man. In cases such as these, an official said, it’s possible the “man” could just be dropped from the names. (Brilliant!).
                President Obama has given Mabus until October 1st to come up with a comprehensive plan to fully integrate the transgendered, and anyone of any (or no) gender identity whatsoever into the Corps.

                In related news, Marine Corps officials announced that the units formerly designated as Armor Battalions will henceforth be known as “Armoire Battalions,” while the 1st Battalion, 6th Marines announced they are changing their long-held nickname “1/6 Hard” to “1/6 Hard, 1/6 Wet.”

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