Sunday, February 7, 2016

Losing Our Religion

                 In 1980, the National Council of Churches established a committee of feminist academics to write a nonsexist lectionary. “Lord” was replaced with “Sovereign One,” and “Son of God” with “Child of God.” God’s decision to create Eve for Adam was rewritten to read: “It is not good that the human being should be alone; I will make a companion corresponding to the creature.” You can’t make this up…but they did.
                Most Western religions are now so far down the socialist, and even secular, rabbit-hole that there is likely no turning back. The Ten Commandments are out and the Zen Commandments are in. The Old Testament is decried as “new morality” is espied. Hard work, self-discipline, success and personal responsibility are out as the toxic mix of poverty, inclusion, “self identity” and victim-hood are extolled as the highest virtues.
                Fewer and fewer of us in Europe and America attend Christian masses. Western religion, like the West itself, is simply… fading away.
                As Paul Harvey might have said, “The end result of this slide into secular socialism is too obvious to require elaboration.”


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