Monday, February 15, 2016

George Washington And Optimistic Skepticism

                 Conservatives are inherently skeptical. We don’t believe that any human being is perfect…or perfect-able. Therefore we don’t believe that any person, entity or government body can be fully trusted with absolute power or even ‘just’ the extremely substantial power over the public that our elected officials- and, sadly, some unelected ones- now possess. George Washington could have been king. He rejected the concept out of hand. Many of the citizens of the newly minted nation fled the tyranny of royals and other governments to come to the New World. Why would he insult them so? Some wanted to call him “Your Majesty” or “His Excellency.” He said “Mr. President” would suffice, thank you. The United States was founded on the principles of limited government and checks and balances.

                It was a shortage of skepticism that led to the Obama presidency and the peril we’re in now.

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