Sunday, February 14, 2016

Japanese Scientists Develop "Mind Reading" Device

                  Japanese scientists have recently developed a “mind-reading” device that can decipher unspoken words from human brainwaves, likely leading to the imminent prospect of “telepathic” communication. Researchers have found that the electrical activity in our brain is the same when words are spoken and when they are “thought” but left unsaid. They were then able to look for the distinct wave forms produced just before speaking and match them up with various words.
                      If these Japanese wizards had their mind-reading device hooked up to me right now, they would be able to identify my fervent one-word request: “STOP!”
                This would be the end of the family as we know it. Marriage would be extinct. (Gay or straight, it wouldn’t matter). Can you imagine one spouse having the ability to read the other’s mind?! You’d be strolling through the mall,  doing a little people-watching, and your wife would suddenly turn to you and scream, “You want to do WHAT to her?!!” Or you’d be at the beach this summer and you’d “hear” your wife thinking, “Man, that guy could go all Christian-Grey on me any old time!!”
                Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day. If these scientists are successful, there may not be many more of them.


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