Friday, February 5, 2016

Cruz, Trump, Rubio To Be Blasted Daily By Both Parties, Media

                 Last fall, reported that Democrats have launched a “massive” opposition-research effort to dig up dirt against Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio. You can be certain that they have done that to Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and others, as well. Anyone that could stand in the way of one of their own keeping control of the White House is public enemy number one to the “Machine.”
                It is truly mind-boggling that this could be done with a straight face on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who by all rights should be residing in a much different kind of federal building about now. One in which automotive license-plates are made and the food is free, but the mattresses leave a little to be desired.
                They’ll come up with something, these masters of mendaciousness. It will surface that Rubio took several taxpayer-funded ballpoint pens home in his suit pocket while he was city commissioner of West Miami. Or that Cruz bought a pack of cigarettes from a convenience store when he was 17 and kept a Playboy under his mattress.
                The mainstream media will ejaculate words of shame and horror, calling them “hypocrites” and liars and will question their judgment and veracity. Meanwhile, Hillary could drop a deuce on Pennsylvania avenue at high noon and be given a complete pass by her supporters.
                Seriously. If carelessly and repeatedly putting her own country’s national security and its assets in harm’s way isn’t enough to disqualify her for the presidency, what is?
                Then there are the Republican candidates bashing each other. Trump fires aggressively but wildly at anybody and everybody and then steps back and says, “No big deal. I like the guy. I’m moving on.” The media hates Trump most of the time, but loves him when he’s firing at Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz scares the mainstream media to death. He’s not one of their own, not controllable. They can’t conceive that a Cruz or a Trump could possibly be elected. So when Trump loses interest in attacking Cruz, they beg him to come back and talk more about it. “Come on Big Boy, the people want to know what else is wrong with Cruz! You owe us that much!” It is sickening.
                Now Chris Christie and Jeb Bush are joining forces in an attempt to put Marco Rubio in his place. They believe they deserve to be the establishment-approved candidate(s). To them, Rubio has gotten uppity and overconfident. Moreover, Pat Buchanan called Rubio a “malleable man of maneuver.” He also said that he is calculating, not a true conservative and will only dilute and diminish the populist, outsider, throw-the-bums-out and get-things-done fervor animating Republican Party voters across the land.

                Hang on, folks. Cruz, Trump and Rubio are going to be blasted daily- and from all quarters- until they drop out of the race or win the nomination. That is what comes with success.

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