Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hillary Says "Republicans Are Against Nearly Every Human Right"

                 Last Friday, while campaigning in front of several hundred folks seated in a gym at Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa, Hillary Clinton declared that Republicans have been opponents of "nearly every human right." She actually said, "You know, Republicans are against nearly every human right, and every civil right, and every gay right, and every voting right that you can name.” She then proceeded to describe her support for legal abortion, gay marriage, comprehensive immigration reform, voting rights, and progressive economic policy.
              This is amazing chutzpah, even for someone with the last name of “Clinton,” and illustrates how ignorant she believes the common folk to be.
             First off, she herself has waffled over the years on abortion and done a complete about face on gay marriage and other issues. Secondly, she does not know what the term “human rights” means or from whence those rights hail. There is a natural right to life, liberty and property. Those are actual, fundamental , creator-granted rights that reside in every human being. It is, inarguably, the modern-day Democratic Party that opposes and denies those rights via its support for abortion and assisted suicide, staggering regulation, bureaucracy and red-tape, political-correctness and nanny-statism and taxation with or without representation. Not to mention eminent domain and civil asset forfeiture.
             These big-government politicians usurp more and more power, putting into the hands of non-elected “officials” and “experts” what they don’t take for themselves. Eschewing the Constitution, the “Law of the Land,” they reserve more and more power to the federal government and leave the states and the people less and less control over their own lives.
             There is no human right to have others pay for your birth control… or anything else. Or for gay “marriage” to be exactly equivalent to- and sanctified as- a marriage between a man and woman who were designed to bring life into this world. As for voting rights, Republicans, for the most part, would like to see actual citizens vote for their President…and then only once. They do not believe the dead have a right to vote anymore, hard-hearted as that may sound. They don’t believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote or that foreign powers should  be able to influence who the next president will be. They don’t believe the government has a right to imprison anyone on a whim, or because it doesn’t like their politics. Those negative rights are fundamental too, and reflect and respect our natural rights…the reason that the United States is unique among nations.
             Finally, it was a Republican that signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Democrats were aghast. Republicans pushed for civil rights for many decades, facing fierce- and sometimes violent- opposition from Democrats. Republicans believe Martin Luther King’s statement that it shouldn’t be the color of one’s skin that matters, but the content of one’s character. Democrats don’t. They want racial quotas and see everything through the prism of skin color, etc. And, understandably, they don’t like to bring up the issue of “character” at all. (Hillary doesn’t have any).
             Still in doubt about the nature of her hypocrisy? Two old white folks are the only viable candidates the Democrats have this election cycle. Of the leading Republicans, two are Hispanic and one is African-American.
            Hillary, go to the back of the bus.             

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