Thursday, February 18, 2016

Penn State Repeals First Amendment

                 The CampusFix website recently reported that Pennsylvania State University has launched a massive campaign encouraging students to watch what they say, lest they offend someone, and also to report any and all “biased” statements to “campus officials.” Yes, the administrators at the public school want to know about any potential slight or slur. To that end, they have put up over 1,000 “stop” signs around campus with words such as “bias,” “homophobia,” “injustice,” and “inequity” inside the outlines of a red traffic stop sign on a blue poster. The poster reads, “Report A Bias Incident.”
                Well, I guess there won’t be any mainstream media on school grounds anymore! And PBS and NPR would have to be “verboten” as well. Come to think of it, what will the professors talk about?
                Will administrators be parading around campus wearing grey uniforms with red armbands sporting a jaunty hakenkreuz?
                Welcome, all, to Penn Stasi University!

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