Thursday, February 18, 2016


                 Donald Trump is the biggest charlatan in the history of the Republican Party. He is a straw man, lacking both brains and heart and he is certainly not searching for the latter.
                He clearly wasn’t wearing his “big boy” pants when he called on the Republican National Committee to intervene in his “dispute” with Ted Cruz (more accurately stated as his increasingly maniacal attacks on Cruz). He calls Cruz a “liar” nearly every time he opens his prodigious mouth. The problem for “The Donald” is that everything Cruz has said about his past positions is demonstrably true. Trump was pro-choice, he did support an Obamacare-like universal healthcare plan. He has used eminent domain to try to evict private citizens from their property for his personal gain. He was wishy-washy in his views on the right to bear arms. He did give money to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid!
                A rational man would simply say, “I’ve grown up since then and my views have as well,” but instead Trump compounds his problems by calling his opponent a liar…which makes himself one. He accuses the RNC of stacking the debate audience with donors who “boo” him, and says that they are breaking the “loyalty pledge” he signed with them, in which he agreed to support whoever the Republican nominee was for president. He now threatens to renege on that pledge (and run as an independent candidate) if the RNC doesn’t make Cruz apologize to him. How is he going to stand up to the Clinton Machine’s full-court-press if he’s this rattled by someone who trails him in the polls by a huge margin? Moreover, by saying he may break his own recent (pledge) commitment he is highlighting his own perfidy and lack of judgment.
                Not that he hasn’t repeatedly done that before. Trump originally said that Cruz’s eligibility for the presidency was not an issue. More recently he said it was an issue. Now he says he will bring a lawsuit against Cruz and his Canadian carcass if he doesn’t publicly apologize to him.
                Trump called Cruz “the biggest liar I think I’ve ever met in politics.” Has he ever looked in a mirror? And he donated to the Clintons, for crying out loud. Trump called Cruz “unstable” and said “he’s nuts.” Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! That’s like Bill Clinton indignantly branding Bill Cosby an “abusive womanizer.”

                Let’s hope this vulgar, pompous, blowhard doesn’t get to run against Hillary. It would be hard to watch two empty suits debate, one mythomaniac versus another.

                (And I'll still vote for him over Bernie or Hillary, and because of- not in spite of- logic. Scary times are these, folks!).

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