Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hillary, Watergate And General Petraeus

                Hillary Clinton had countless e-mails containing classified information now determined to be at the confidential, secret, top secret and even SAP levels on a server she kept in a guy’s bathroom closet in Colorado. (SAP stands for “special access program,” is above “top secret,” and essentially means “super-duper extra-special top secret”). Most experts believe that much of the SAP information made its way from Hillary’s inbox to hostile intelligence agencies around the world.
                In the past, she might have been charged with treason. If anybody else had been so reckless with confidential material and state secrets they would now be in jail awaiting trial…if they were lucky. General David  Petraeus only shared a fraction of the amount of SAP material that Hillary had on her unprotected server…and that only with one person, his biographer-cum-mistress. He was demoted and prosecuted for breaching exactly the same non-disclosure agreement Hillary signed.
                Nixon was branded a “crook” for a single episode whereby he “did”…what every other president of then recent vintage did, albeit without getting caught…if he even knew about it at all. He had that infamous “18-minute gap” in the tapes, true, but Hillary, likely the next president of the United States, has a history of obstruction of justice that would make “Tricky Dick” blush, and should have a criminal record the likes of which the presidency has never seen.
                And her supporters couldn’t care less. That certainly says more about them than it does about Hillary’s potential opponents.
                How times have changed. Imagine Nixon running for president after all the Watergate charges came to light! And being widely expected to win! And what he did pales in comparison to Hillary’s actions…and inaction, and didn’t compromise vital national security interests and information.


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