Sunday, December 6, 2015

Woman Stabbed At Art Basel, Miami Show

                 A woman was stabbed in the neck and arms by another woman wielding an X-Acto knife at an Art Basel, Miami Beach show Friday night, according to a Miami Beach police spokeswoman. The spokeswoman stated that the victim’s injuries weren’t life threatening and that she was transported to Jackson (Andrew?!) Memorial Hospital. The assailant and victim apparently had an escalating disagreement prior to the assault. The attacker was not identified, but was arrested at the scene.
                Both women were patrons of the art show, not exhibitors, and were attending the main event inside the Miami Beach Convention Center.
                In a sad reflection of where ‘modern art’ has gone, some patrons thought the stabbing was a performance art presentation. Others actually believed the police tape cordoning off the crime scene was part of an art installation.
                How do we know the whole thing, including the news reports and police statements, isn’t, in fact, a brilliant, unprecedented, ongoing piece of modern performance art?

                On a related note, President Obama promptly called for a ban on “the sale and manufacture of all knives, box-cutters and general cutlery, effective immediately.”

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