Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Australian Study Shows Vegetarians More Depressed

                 A vegetarian diet is a healthy diet, right? The enlightened experts would have you believe that ingesting red meat is as detrimental to your health as habitually smoking cigarettes while binge-watching Fox News, no? Or perhaps habitually watching Fox News while binge-smoking cigarettes? Cancer, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, elevated “bad” cholesterol and an overwhelming desire to watch the cable television show “Swamp People” are supposed to be the result of a meat-inclusive diet.
                But if you have a beef with beef, or chicken out of eating chicken, you may want to reconsider. Several new studies suggest that the opposite may be true. The good and honest folks at Women’s Health magazine recently examined some of the research and cited an Australian study from 2014 which found that vegetarians were less optimistic than people who kept meat in their diets. The same study found that vegetarians were more likely to report being depressed and were significantly more likely to experience panic attacks and anxiety. Good on ya’ then, Aussies (Full disclosure: I have always liked Aussies).

                Let’s shine the light of truth on vegetarians…and put the beef in (the) Barbie, girls.

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