Friday, December 18, 2015

Climate Summit Results In One-World Socialism

                 The Cop 21 climate summit is over and One-World Socialism is now the pseudo-law of all the lands. So, who’s forking over the dough to whom?
                Uncle Sam, as always, is the Biggest Loser, by way of being the biggest winner for all these years. The U.S. will pay dearly for its historic choice of economic and political systems, limited government over tyranny and the hard work, discipline and creativity of its citizens. Other successful Western nations will chip in, as well. Incredibly, China and India are not being held to account. China is the second largest economy in the world, possibly on the verge of becoming the largest…and is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions on earth. How can an agreement have been crafted that lets this huge communist country, by far the most populous in the world, go on doing what it’s been doing unmolested? And India actually plans to double its coal usage in the next few years! Poorer nations, some of their own making, some not, are also all too thrilled to accept this mostly Western largesse without having to commit to doing anything themselves.
                Followers of this blog know that I wouldn’t actually blame nations for not hopping on the Climate-Change-Action-or-Else Bandwagon, but also know that I detest rank hypocrisy and the rampant playing of the “Victim Card.”
                It is clearly, historically, not a matter of big vs. little or resource laden vs. resource poor that determines the productivity of a nation. Tiny Taiwan and Hong Kong were economic behemoths while the Soviet Union and other large nations were not. Even now, the island nation of Japan sports the third biggest economy on earth, while Canada is tenth and Russia 15th. Nations shouldn’t, therefore, be penalized for being successful.
                Not to worry, though, the U.S., as usual (meaning its taxpayers, of course), will pay for maybe half of all the costs involved with this ridiculous climate change agreement, while the rest of the nations on the planet- combined- pick up the other half of the tab…even as many of them continue to complain about U.S. arrogance and Imperialism.
                The West needs new leaders who aren’t afraid of acting in their own interests, and who aren’t afraid of their own shadows.
                If the U.S., in particular, is wise enough to elect a new president with character, historical knowledge, and large cojones, it- and the world- will be the better for it. Friends and enemies alike will again know where they stand, leading to less confusion, tension and misunderstanding.

                Changing the world’s political climate would be a good thing.

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