Wednesday, December 23, 2015

U.S. Students Instructed To Sing "Allahu Akbar," Banned From Reciting Gospel Of Luke

                 Students at Blaine Senior High School (in Blaine, Minnesota) were recently instructed to sing a song lauding Ramadan, which is observed during June and July in the United States, as part of a “holiday season” music offering.  The song is called Eid un Sa’Eid-Zain Bhikha. Here is a snippet of the lyrics:

All over the world
Under the big blue sky
Muslims unite to worship Allah
It’s a time of brotherhood, a time of peace
Muslims are singing praises to Allah
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
                Are they instructed to sing ”Silent Night?” Recite “the Lord’s Prayer?” Or even the Pledge of Allegiance? And yet:
                A Kentucky elementary school has “censored” its students in their performance of a play based on “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (the original episode of the hugely popular not-just-for-kids television series, itself based off of the iconic comic-strip). The characters experience the glitz, hype and shopping that have become the dominant aspects of the season, but Charlie Brown laments that no one is really thinking about the real meaning of Christmas. At this point, Linus steps up and recites a passage from the Gospel of Luke.
                That caused one person to be “offended.” That person complained to school officials, who promptly caved and banned that part of the play from being performed again.
                Many more people were offended that the kids were prohibited from performing the defining part of the show/play. If we are to ban anything and everything that any individual claims to take offense at, there will be nothing left of life. (I myself have been offended by many things on television and in movies, on the news, etc., etc. I just don’t claim to be a victim or demand that things be banned. Turn the tv off. Pretend to be an adult. Get over it).
                There would be no television, no movies, no books, no plays, no art, no political discourse, no exchange of ideas, no discourse at all, in fact.  Don’t like it when something “makes you see red?” Complain and get that color banned! Think pink paints females into a stereotyped corner, all sweet and soft? Be offended and get it banned, baby! Feeling blue? You shouldn’t have to! Let’s ban blue too!
                We can have a truly colorless society, devoid of…everything. Especially meaning.
                We are well on our way to allowing progressives to destroy our society by chipping away at its’ foundations until it collapses and disintegrates. Toss out the Founders, toss out the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Toss out Christianity. This is intolerance on an epic scale, perpetrated by those claiming to be tolerant and tolerated by those they claim to be intolerant.

                Truth offends progressives. And scares the rest of us.

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