Monday, December 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton Has A New Campaign Slogan!

                The Hillary Rodham Clinton Camp has a new campaign slogan: “Love trumps hate.” Get it?! After recently stating that she was “Proud to have made enemies of Republicans,” she has suddenly embarked on a love and kindness campaign? In Alabama, she recently explained to lawyers that justice means “standing beside love.” I’ll have to check my Webster’s unabridged dictionary, as I thought it meant moral rightness and lawfulness. Hillary isn’t versed in those areas. At any rate, in Atlanta, Mrs. Clinton promised a group of black ministers that she’d run on a “love and kindness platform.” Talk about a total makeover! What’s next, Trump stating that he’s “not worthy” of being president? Perhaps Hillary will reveal her desire to become an “exotic dancer” after leaving office? (That may tie-in with the love and kindness bit, though not to eyewitnesses).
                Democratic pollster Margie Omero said, “That sort of language very much tracks with what a lot of women voters say. They say, ‘Let’s go back to a time in which we’re being nicer to each other.”
                This bogus love and kindness jihad is, of course, blatantly hypocritical. It does nothing to address our most pressing problems, such as radical Islamic terrorism, getting a handle on immigration, reviving the economy, putting people back to work, getting people off the government dole and reducing our nearly $20 trillion national debt.
                In fact, the result of this love and kindness campaign taken to fruition would be ever more “progressive” policies leading to the appeasement of terrorists, unobstructed immigration, a worsening economy, fewer people working to pay for even more folks on the government dole and a continuing increase in our national debt.
                That doesn’t sound like real love and kindness to me, especially not as regards the hard working, law abiding middle class that seven years of Obama administration policies have devastated. (For the first time in memory, the middle class is no longer the majority, as the numbers of poor and very wealthy folks have increased dramatically).
                It does, however tragically, sound like the kind of vapid verbiage that under-informed and overly emotional…especially female…liberals like to traffic in to make themselves feel good.
                As Kevin D. Williamson wrote ( “The Future Is Free,” National Review, Nov. 19, 2015), “You need a little political theory and a little economics to understand the connection between well-ordered liberty and the facts of actual human happiness and actual human flourishing, which is why we conservatives are always at a slight disadvantage in the popular conversation: Understanding things such as comparative advantage and gains from trade is not all that difficult, but it is a hell of a lot more difficult than ‘Here’s a kitten! It’s a nice kitten! Don’t you want to be nice to the nice kitten?’ And that is essentially the Left’s political program…”
                When Hillary states, “Love trumps hate,” it’s just another bimbo eruption.

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