Sunday, December 20, 2015

Trump Bashing Taken To A New Level

                 According to internet reports, a new “food cart” in Portland, Oregon, celebrated its grand opening with, among other things, a Donald Trump piñata. Adults and small children alike lined up to wait their turn to tear apart the billionaire candidate’s effigy by whacking it repeatedly with a blunt instrument. This was allegedly being done to “promote peace” and” fight hate.” One young kid screamed “I want to kill him,” as he was pummeling the political piñata, the reports claimed. (These same kids likely can’t wear a shirt with the “Browning” logo in their schools nor bring a “spork” to them).
                The owner of the food cart apparently stated that the mock Trump bludgeoning wasn’t about politics. Of course it wasn’t. If it had been President Obama’s likeness being lynched, he would’ve said the same thing, I’m sure… and the mass media would’ve similarly completely ignored it, right?
                You can be sure that Trump piñatas will be turning up on college campuses soon, in student’s “safe spaces,” so they can relieve their anger over allegedly inappropriate Halloween costumes, “appropriated” foods and assorted microaggressions by literally beating the stuffing out of Trump likenesses in a tolerant, non-judgmental manner.

                You can expect Trump piñatas to arrive at your favorite retail outlet in time for Christmas holiday shoppers to scoop them up. Nothing will make your favorite Trump basher happier this holiday season than finding one of these special gifts under the tree!

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