Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Immigrants Carry "Open Or Die" Banner

                 A picture on Infowars.com, taken of relatively well-dressed Muslim migrants at the Macedonian border, shows the mass of young male humanity holding a banner that states, “Open or Die.” Some of the hopeful immigrants proceeded to attack police with stones and stated, “We want to Germany! Open the borders!”
                According to Speisa.com, a number of them chanted, “Allahu Akbar,” as well.
                This is the first mass, unopposed, invasion in world history. Perhaps the “Open or Die” banner should give leftists pause, though you know it won’t. It is unimaginable- ludicrous in the extreme- to picture earlier waves of immigrants being so demanding- boldly aggressive and hostile even- in their attempts to seek refuge. Those appearing at Ellis Island, for example, sought an opportunity, not a handout. They wished to assimilate, not dominate. They were filled with gratitude, not hatred or disdain. They wanted to give back to the society that took them in, not attack it. They wanted a chance at the good life and the American Dream, not a chance to take innocent lives and the dreams of those they killed. They may have been devout, but they longed for religious freedom, not for the ability to impose their religion on others…or else.
                These immigrants, though diverse in many ways, came to America mostly from Christian countries in Europe. It is impolitic to state the obvious in these times, but the unyielding tide of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa into Europe and America today couldn’t be more different. Some are good people. Some are not. At best, many come from countries that have no tradition of self-rule or democratic principles. None of them hail from nations with a substantive belief in natural law. And some of them are actively seeking our destruction.

                An effective screening measure would be to automatically refuse amnesty to any (potential) immigrant supporting or sporting an “Open or Die” banner/sign.

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