Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Current Events/American History Quiz

1)      Which of the following is/are real?
¨  A) Tooth Fairy
¨  B) Islamic Terrorism
¨  C) Sasquatch
¨  D) Man-Caused Global Warming
¨  E) Hillary’s Hair
¨  F) Santa Claus

2)      Which of the following are cities in the United States of America?
¨  A) The Cayman Islands
¨  B) Pittsburgh
¨  C) The Golden Gate Bridge
¨  D) Trump's Hair
¨  E) Oklahoma City
¨  F) Beef Jerky

3)      What country installed nuclear missiles in Cuba, spawning the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1963?                                                                                                                                             
¨  A) Buffalo
¨  B) The USSR
¨  C) Oklahoma City
¨  D) Madagascar
¨  E) Estonia
¨  F) Oprah Winfrey

4)      What was one of Barack Obama’s campaign promises in 2008?
¨  A) Racial Harmony
¨  B) A Chicken In Every Pot
¨  C) I like Ike
¨  D) Fundamental Transformation Of American Society
¨  E) Everything Will Be Free
¨  F) Eviscerate America’s Military

5)      Which one of the following is considered an American founding father?
¨  A) Donald Trump
¨  B) Oprah Winfrey
¨  C) Prince
¨  D) Oklahoma City
¨  E) George Washington
¨  F) Al Gore

                        By popular demand, going forward I will be posting occasional current event/history quizzes such as this, at uneven intervals, with a difficulty level suitable for modern Americans. Four out of five correct answers are required to pass!
                        Today’s quiz answers found below.

                       1)B; 2)B,E; 3)B; 4)D; 5)E 

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