Saturday, December 26, 2015

Michael Moore: "We Are All Muslim"

                 Michael Moore held up a sign proclaiming “We are all Muslim” outside of the Trump Tower in New York City last week. I am not sure if the illustrious film magnate, had he existed at the time, would have stood at Pearl Harbor with a sign exclaiming “We are all Japanese” in the days after that nation’s surprise attack killed thousands of Americans. But, knowing what we know now, I wouldn’t rule it out. I can picture him on the battlefield in the moments after the Battle of Second Manassas with a banner exclaiming “We are all Confederates” or in the streets of London during the Blitz holding a placard proclaiming “We are all NAZI’s.”
                Just what aspect or tenet of Islam Mr. Moore is in such harmony with is a bit uncertain. Is it the near total diminution of women? The stoning of adulterers? The maiming or killing of gays and lesbians?

                Perhaps it’s the edict of converting, enslaving or killing those who disagree with you that makes him such a staunch supporter of the “religion of peace?”

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