Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Planned Parenthood Reborn

                 Planned Parenthood has a new marketing slogan (as does Hillary Clinton: see my post of Dec. 14, “Hillary Clinton Has A New Campaign Slogan!”). Brash and crass, the Baby Butcher’s new slogan is much more in your face than is Hillary’s “Love and kindness” attempt at hornswoggling the low-information, inattentive crowd. Their billboards in Minneapolis and St. Paul are now proudly proclaiming “Here for Good.”
                That little double entendre is at once a boast that, callousness and controversy be damned- and unlike the babies they abort- the organization is here for the long run. It is also a smarmy intimation that they are somehow on the correct side of the moral and ethical debate.
                “Millions of babies are gone for good” would be a more factual slogan. Perhaps P.P. should put big, neon signs out front of all their clinics, ala’ McDonald's in their salad days, stating “millions” aborted, possibly even updating the info with numerical figures as the iconic burger joint did for a time…”One  million killed,” “Over 5 million slaughtered,” and so forth.
                Private support is still strong for Planned Parenthood and hefty donations still roll in. While elective abortions have declined across the country in recent years, Planned Parenthood may be busier than ever. In Minnesota, for example, abortions overall have declined by 30 percent since 2000, yet the number of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood (in that state) have more than doubled! It performed 49 percent of all elective abortions in Minnesota last year, compared to 17 percent in the year 2000. While other clinics have closed, they have opened a new $16 million headquarters in St. Paul, tripled its endowment to $30 million, opened a new clinic in Richfield, expanded its Rochester clinic’s services to include video conferencing and “medicinal abortions,” and launched a mobile app.
                Brazenly heading for monopoly status, the entity may soon become “too big to fail” in Obama administration parlance. Planned Parenthood is prospering and rapidly gaining market share in that coveted demographic of unwed single mothers who wish to “off” their (potential) offspring. Its KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are strong, its ROI trending positive and Congress has recently sanctioned its murdering mission by voting to fully fund it. Times are good, baby!
                Speaking of the recent (and abhorrent) shooting at a clinic in Colorado that killed three people and wounded nine others,  Sarah Stoesz, a local Planned Parenthood CEO/president stated, “We’ve always been a target. We were born in controversy. We’ve lived in controversy for 100 years.” (Yes we know how sensitive you are to death and killing).
                Really? “We were born in controversy… we’ve lived in controversy…?” That is either staggering hypocrisy and callousness, deliberately offensive, or unimaginably stupid. The babies have been the target, most killed before they were “allowed” to be born, some maybe just after. That is why they haven’t lived through “controversy.” You’ve been a “target?” The Minnesota legislature failed to even cut state Medicaid funding for abortions.
                Yes, the brave warriors of Canned Creatorhood (Murdered Motherhood?) will soldier on, in ever glitzier Palaces of Parental Preemption. “We have 100 years of contingency plans on the shelf,” Stoesz said.

                If not 100 years of baby parts.

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