Sunday, December 27, 2015

Russia, China Rattle Sabers

                Russia and China, in a never ending quest for world domination, are producing more and more sabers to rattle. Conversely, the U.S. needs more and more rattles for its tantrum-throwing, infantilized progressives to shake.
                The U.S. used to be proud of what it produced, but is now perversely prouder of what it doesn’t produce, or has pledged not to produce. Shut those coal plants down. Oil shale? Can’t do that. Fracking? Let’s stop that, too. Nuclear power? The term itself is radioactive to eco-warriors. Tap ANWAR? Hell, no! Access our offshore oil? Stop it! We must quit producing greenhouse gas emissions. And energy.
                We pay farmers now not to produce crops on significant tracts of their land.
                We will soon not have enough money to produce a military capable of properly defending our interests because we are taking money from the roughly 50% of the population that earns it and giving it to the roughly 50% of the population that, well, takes it...instead of spending it on frivolous things like national security. Moreover, the producers, the poor taxpayers, are also caught in a kind of reverse Ponzi scheme as regards Medicare and Medicaid, with fewer and fewer paying in and a smaller and smaller chance of fully recouping their contributions in the future.

                 We have become obscene actors staging a farce in a theater of the absurd.

                “Independence” was for many decades almost synonymous with “America.” It was what we- individually and as a nation- strove for. Now the term is thought by many on the left to be indicative of someone who thinks he’s above others and is not a “team” player.
                Remarkably, we are on the verge of losing a war we’ve already won. Like nearly every other traditional phrase, name or concept, this war, too, will have to be renamed in deference to the progressive’s wishes. After all, they are winning… the War for Dependence.


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