Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The European Union And Israel: Labels In A Time Of Terror

                European Union heads in Brussels, Belgium, voted on November 11th to require member states to begin labeling products produced on Israeli occupied lands captured in the Six-Day War of 1967- only 48 years ago-  so as to differentiate them from goods made inside of its internationally recognized borders.
                This action makes perfect sense, does it not? Expansionism and imperialism are bad things, no? Surely the world didn’t recognize Germany’s ‘right’ to Rhineland or the Sudetenland prior to World War II? Did it? I assume that anything made in the Rhineland region of Germany and exported to other nations is labeled as such? The U.S. fought a war in Vietnam (that ended only 40 years ago) to preserve South Vietnam’s independence, but left before it was finished. The South had to surrender, was promptly absorbed, and Vietnam is now one nation. Surely the E.U. has demanded that everything they may buy from Vietnam that is made in the North is clearly labeled as such? China has laid claims to various lands and is currently building artificial islands in international waters, without substantive challenge from the U.S. or the E.U. Is everything the European Union purchases from China that is made in, say, Hong Kong, duly labeled?
                Of course not.
                The tiny nation of Israel is wedged in between, or lies in close proximity to, various vastly larger Islamic states that have vowed to wipe it off the face of the earth. It is the Middle East’s only democracy, and its attempts at defending itself are sane, courageous and beneficial. They have, in fact, used greater restraint in recent years than should have been the case, in order to appease other liberal Western nation’s notions of “justice.”

                The Israelis had to endure the Holocaust. They are even today attacked, threatened and bombed on a near-daily basis. Now that Europe itself is being attacked by Islamic extremists, perhaps it will rethink this hypocritical and embarrassing “labeling” of Israel’s produce.

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