Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Year's Eve Message

                  New Year’s Eve. It’s time to eulogize the old year and ring in the new one. 2015, like 2014, was not a banner year for yours truly in some respects. Many people around the world feel the same way. Many are anxious and uncertain, skeptical of what the future may bring. There is good reason for those feelings. The global economy is not humming, new terror threats pop up seemingly every day, and the media and other “experts,” along with our governments, loudly purport to be objective and only have our best interests in mind, even as they tell us to ignore obvious near-term existential threats and to focus on becoming ever less judgmental and ever more politically correct.
                Never-the-less, never despair. One person, determined, can change the world, and certainly at least his or her corner of it. Many, acting in harmony and with integrity, character and resolve can achieve almost anything. We have faced- and overcome- many worse crises in times past. Look at the American Founders, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln for examples. Let us this day highly resolve to take positive action this coming year.
                If you mean it, tell her you love her. Play some games with your kids. Read a classic book. Write that book you’ve talked about writing for years. Make yourself an expert on an issue important to you. Go to political party meetings…and, if you feel versed on a subject, speak up.
                Don’t let someone tell you lies, or let some group or government tell you how to think and act…and what you can and cannot say. Don’t be embarrassed about your considered opinion. There is nothing more sinister and detrimental to the human condition and its improvement. All of history has proven that so.
                Don’t just mark time. Make time… to do what you’ll otherwise wish you had done when you are out of time. Starting tonight.
                There has never been a time without time.
                Time... is timeless.

                We are not.
                                                               HAPPY NEW YEAR!

*Thank you to all who read this blog. Don’t hesitate to comment. If you have constructive suggestions on something you’d like me to write about, please let me know. Here’s wishing you and your loved one’s all the best in 2016!* Prost!

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