Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Terror And Climate Change

                 I'm guessing you're not going to come across this opinion anywhere else:          

                The two biggest threats to human life on planet Earth are Islamic terrorism and climate change believers. The first threat is obvious, though many choose to deny this. And, if the latter group succeed in forcing their agenda on society, there is a very real chance that the world, even now essentially bankrupt, will enter into a prolonged global economic depression with devastating consequences. Hunger, privation, chaos, riots, terrorism and wars- along with massive debt and inflation- all are more likely to result from “taking the actions necessary now to diminish the effects of climate change in the future,” than they are from not taking these steps!

                The United States alone is currently nearly $19 trillion in debt, and soon will only be able to “afford” entitlement spending and paying off interest on the national debt. This is without spending astronomically more money to hopefully partially alleviate a problem that doesn’t exist.

                 Looked at in this light, it's a bit ironic that the U.N. climate change summit is being held in Paris.

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