Tuesday, December 8, 2015

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Bans Phrase, "Political Correctness"

                News of the weird recently reported that the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s website added the phrase “political correctness” itself to the ever-expanding list of words and phrases that are now officially discouraged from being used on campus. Apparently, that term is a “microaggression” that could make some students feel uncomfortable or even “unsafe” if they hear it or read it.
                Surprisingly, perhaps, to those who read this blog on a regular basis, I hereby suggest we add a few more words and phrases to that list:
                *”climate change”- every time I hear that meaningless phrase I want to puke. When has the climate not changed? Hell, it’s 3 degrees colder as I write this than it was an hour ago. Also, it wasn’t dark then. It is now. Scary.
                *”expert(s)”- the person or people that is/are nearly always wrong in their predictions/analysis about virtually everything; I get irritable bowel syndrome upon hearing or reading this word. (Experts ‘projected’ my fantasy football team to win this weekend and I lost in a rout).
                *”right-wing extremist”- mainstream academic and media types use this phrase to describe anyone who isn’t an ardent communist willing to personally conduct taxpayer-subsidized late-term abortions on all white male ‘fetuses.’ Conversely, to earn the mainstream media designation of “left-leaning,” an entity has to believe that anyone fire-bombing Chick-fil-A’s and Hobby Lobby’s is protected by their First Amendment rights, that there are no Second Amendment rights, and that raising the top marginal income tax rates to 90% in order to screw the rich and fund the push for legalizing man-beast marriage  are the most pressing policy matters of our time. After climate change is thoroughly addressed, of course.
                *”violence begets violence”- no, the absolute belief in passivity and non-violence begets violence, as has been historically proven- virtually without exception- over the millennia. The refusal to believe that evil exists and that we’re deep down all the same- and therefore that we can simply and logically resolve our differences by talking them through, or solely via good deeds, has ironically led to more needless loss of innocent human life than any other tenet. Conversely, war has put an end to slavery, communism, national-socialism (Hitler’s Third Reich), the Holocaust, murderous regimes practicing heinous crimes on the masses, and led to the freedom of millions of souls around the world.


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