Sunday, March 13, 2016

Scientists Working To Make Fathers Unneccessary

                     Scientists claim they have found a way for women to have babies without men by creating artificial sperm. The team from China claims it has created healthy mouse babies by injecting laboratory-made sperm into eggs to produce healthy mouse offspring.
                Advanced robots, artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles and now artificial sperm. Ironically, we have used our own creativity and intelligence via the cutting edge of science to come up with yet another way to render ourselves superfluous.
                Is it really a good idea to strive to make men even more moot and impotent than they are now? Is this best for society? Government has already done everything in its power to destroy traditional marriage and push men away from stable relationships…and many didn’t need much of a push to begin with. Now, the poor 35-year-old lout that lives in his parent’s basement and generates what meager income he has by donating his sperm twice a week, may soon be out of even that job!

                And at least those he “fathered” could say they had a dad, maybe even knew who he was. What of those potential kids who were conjured out of thin air and made from artificial sperm? Imagine them filling out a form someday and coming to the line asking them to print their father’s name in the blank space. Do they just put “none?” Or do they print “Mad Scientist?” 

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