Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Cinder Block Comedy Festival Teaches Us About Diversity!

                 The upcoming “Cinder Block Comedy Festival” is only accepting submissions from members of the LGBTQ community, women, non-white applicants and those with disabilities through March 31st — in an effort to create a diverse lineup of performers for its shows later this year. (Applications will be accepted from straight, white males from April 1 through April 30). The early-bird submissions, however, will also be charged lower application fees. Festival Director Coree Spencer said the difference in price was to mimic the gender pay gap between men and women.
                “Having a token LGBTQ person of color woman, in a sea of white-bearded men is not diversity,” proclaims an ill-crafted, grammatically-challenged video on the comedy festival’s website. “As an audience you deserve more than one point of view.” (As we all know, white males only have one point of view. Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, they’re all the same. Not to generalize or stereotype or anything). “We think comedy shows should be diverse as f—k.” Note to Cinder Block Comedy Festival heads: I know how you can truly push the envelope of tolerance and inclusiveness. If you want to shock people with real diversity, hire a comedienne who doesn’t drop f-bombs in her act or in the promotion thereof.
                According to an open letter on its website, the festival is Spencer’s brainchild. She got the inspiration for the idea after she was severely injured by a flying cinder block while walking home alone at 3 a.m. on the Pulaski Bridge.
                Sounds like a laugh riot. (There must be an “I was stoned” joke in there somewhere. I’m sure the audience will be in stitches, too).

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