Monday, March 7, 2016

Tuesday, March 8th: Apocalypse Or Rapture?

                 If last Tuesday (March 1st) was “Super Tuesday” in America, this coming Tuesday (March 8th) might be “Super Duper Tuesday” for everyone…or the end of the world.
                In one 24-hour period, the earth will experience a total eclipse, a “super-moon” and the closest fly-by of an asteroid in many, many moons. This has predictably led some apocalyptic types to call it a literal “doomsday” scenario. Scientists say that asteroid TX 68 may come as close as 19,000 miles from the earth, a cosmic eyelash. A few are worried that its precise trajectory isn’t known and that we may be unable to see it due to the eclipse. If the 30 meter long space rock should slam into earth, it could be curtains for us.
                The good news is that our global warming fears would be over.

                Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi are holding presidential caucuses or primaries on March 8th, as well. I have never been a conspiracy theorist or a believer in end-of-the-world scenarios, but  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump vying to become Chief Executive of a nation once led by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln might truly be the sign that it is time for the Lord to return. After all, it certainly has been seven years of Tribulation under Obama.  

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