Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Germany Bans Pork?

              An increasing number of public schools, canteens, cafes and daycare centers in Germany have banned pork from their menus over fears of offending Muslim immigrants.  Many establishments are no longer serving  bacon, ham and even sausages (this is Germany!)  because of religious considerations. (My particular religion demands that I drink 12 bottles of Labatt Blue a day, but I don't expect them to accommodate me in Riyadh or Kabul).
Moreover, in the past several months, several churches in Germany have removed their crosses so as not to "offend" their Islamic "guests." This is slightly different treatment than Christians have been afforded in Islamic nations of late. Not only have Muslims in their homelands not gone out of their way to provide alcohol to Westerners, they haven't even considered removing symbols of- and references to- Islam. Can you believe it?
Oh,  and they've killed hundreds upon hundreds of Christians, many by beheading.

Now that wienerschnitzel ist verboten, what's next? Will Germany soon ban beer sales in deference to Muslim sensibilities? If so, Oktoberfest might be a little less joyous this year.
It seems gem├╝tlichkeit may soon be a thing of the past. Figuratively speaking, Germany itself may not be far behind.

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