Monday, March 28, 2016

Republican Party Poised To Make Historic Mistake

                The Republican Party is seeing record voter turnout- and excellent ratings for its televised debates. People are engaged and enervated. Not one, but two of its candidates could conceivably win the general election this fall and become president. Halcyon days, indeed, right?
                No. It is angry and scared about this. It despises both of its front-runners. And, by extension, the will of the people. Amazing.
                The Party will apparently go to any length to torpedo Donald Trump’s bid to become the nominee. This is unprecedented, but somewhat understandable, given Trump’s past and persona. What is truly incomprehensible is that the powers-that-be atop the Party’s hierarchy are also loath to help its obvious next-best-hope- and solution-in-waiting- Ted Cruz. These stuffy would-be puppeteers-cum-magicians  are hoping to make both Trump and Cruz disappear while conjuring up a viable “moderate” (read liberal) nominee out of thin air.
                Note to the idiots that comprise the establishment of the G.O.P.: there is no such candidate. Any liberal Republican will be defeated by Hillary Clinton. Roughly one-third of the country will vote for a liberal Democrat (read Democrat) whether or not they are a liar, hypocrite, criminal or serial child-molester who worships the anti-Christ. They just want free stuff. They are not going be thrust into the throes of ecstasy by someone who’s almost- but not quite- as liberal… with an ‘R’ by their name. The very reason that the messages of Trump and Cruz are resonating with so many Americans is that they too want to stop the country’s rapid slide into socialism and class-warfare. They are repulsed by what has happened over the past seven-plus years and want to feel that their voices are finally being heard, before it’s too late. This is an enormous opportunity for the G.O.P. Trump is not a real conservative who believes as his supporters do. (He is a charlatan). Cruz is…and does. It would be an ironic and unforgivable act if the Republican Party were simply to ignore the will of the people.
                It is likely, with the ongoing demographic changes, that this is the Republican’s last chance at presidential victory…unless it stands for principle and respects the will of its voters. It certainly is the last chance for the U.S. to salvage any part of its free-market, Constitutionally-protected natural rights heritage.
                That the Republicans are likely about to make this mind-boggling, historic, tragic mistake proves that the party is already gone.
                The U.S. will follow close behind.

                (Some Republican establishment types have actually referred to Cruz as “the wacko bird constitutionalist.” When the elites of even the Republican Party believe you are a nut case if you firmly believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, the writing is on the wall).

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