Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Emory University Students Traumatized By Seeing "Trump 2016" On Sidewalk

                 Dozens of Emory University students recently claimed to be “traumatized” and “in pain” over simply seeing “Trump 2016” written with chalk on campus sidewalks. Funny, students of their ilk don’t complain about seeing vulgar graffiti on city walls, train cars, over and underpasses and the like, but they viscerally dislike simple, clean free speech and the freedom of political expression that was enshrined in America’s First Amendment. The chalk-work “ads” will wash away in the next rain, unlike the many vile, spray-painted “messages” around cities hither and yon.
                Apparently, these “students” are somehow not traumatized by Hillary Clinton ads or by having President Obama kowtow to dictators, dance a tango and take in baseball games in the immediate aftermath of terrorist attacks on Brussels. These students are not only not upset by “Bernie 2016” signs and slogans, they are carrying them. They are opposed to free speech- and indeed to the idea of any thought or speech they disagree with being allowed to have a forum. That is why they hate Trump. This they call “progressive.” Such is the state of our campuses, 2016. They have become naught but giant daycare centers. There is no tolerance, no mental discipline, no familiarity with logic, debate, rhetoric, or reason. After all, when you can’t refute your “opponent” or win an argument, the best tactic available to you is to just prevent an argument from occurring… by shutting the other side up.
                I clearly remember being in grade school just prior to the presidential election of 1968 and, with my peers, walking down the hall to the cafeteria at lunchtime chanting, “Nixon, Nixon, he’s our man, Humphrey belongs in a garbage can…Nixon, Nixon, he’s our man, Humphrey belongs…” (A few other students were chanting the ditty in reverse. A good time was had by all).
                That was the old, free, strong, confident, vibrant, America. If it had happened today, I’d probably have been suspended or expelled for behavior “detrimental to progressive cohesion.”
                Or maybe I’d have been sent to a re-education camp.

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