Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump Tweets III!

                “I am acting so damn presidential now, it’s bleeping scary!” #Reaganhadnothingonme

                “When I’m president, we will win so much people will actually get tired of winning!" #Trumprules

                “Look, I married an immigrant…named Ivana. ‘Nough said.” #Iloveeverybody

                “Kasich and Cruz are like gnats flying around a big man’s face now. I can shoo them away or   crush them anytime I want.” #letsgetreal

                “How can a Latino be from Canada? I mean, does anybody else ever think of these things? Ted   Cruz was born in the Great White North, yet he claims to be Hispanic…and an American! I mean, like      duh!” #TrustTedtobeineligibleforthepresidency

                “Anybody who thinks I have a small Willie, you’ve got another thing coming. Send me a request   and I’ll send you photos of my yuuuuge unit!” #getreadytoweeporcheer

                “I’ve been endorsed more often lately than tax-return checks” #PalinandCarsonaresane

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