Saturday, March 5, 2016

Consciousness-Raising? The Daze Of Our Lives

             We all experience times when we feel like we’re living in a dream-like state, times where we are “barely there,” or “in a daze.” At times we barely notice our surroundings, at others we feel “dialed in,” focused and deeply alive. There are instances where we can’t remember names of people familiar to us and when even simple questions seem not so simple. Yet, there are also moments of near total recall, great clarity and a feeling that we can wrestle with any question and maybe even solve any problem. Some people experiment with mood (or consciousness) altering drugs if they are afraid of- or unhappy with- their existing state. Then there are those who talk of “consciousness-raising.” Do we really have the power to “raise” our own consciousness?
In one sense, if we don’t have a higher level of consciousness, we wouldn’t know we don’t have a higher level of consciousness, or what that consciousness level might be. Although, given a certain level of consciousness, one that, for better or worse, most humans do possess, we can ponder the question and weakly speculate as to what could be. Yet, in much the same way as we can’t ask to be born nor know with absolute certainty what happens “on the other side,” we cannot know, at least on this earth, the highest level of consciousness.

At times I wonder:  Am I unaware of my consciousness? Can I truly be conscious of that of which I’m unaware?

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