Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ted Cruz, My Choice For President

                Ted Cruz appears to be the only completely sane person left running for president of the United States in 2016. He is extraordinarily intelligent, quick-witted, funny, stable, gracious, and possessed of broad-based historical knowledge. He is a legitimate conservative with unflinching and principled beliefs who holds true to the country’s founding ideals and has a deep and abiding knowledge of- and respect for- the Supreme Court and its proper role in the republic. He is fearless, possesses a passion for excellence, and completely devoid of the pathetic need for group approval.
                He is the only candidate who has repeatedly bested Donald Trump in debate while not continually resorting to gutter-snipe tactics. He always manages to retain his composure even while being subjected to Trump’s most vitriolic and sophomoric attacks…and often responds by saying, “Donald is a friend of mine, but…” with a twinkle in his eye and a slight, wry smile. During the increasingly over-the-top Republican debates he has asked, “Is this the debate we want, is this the debate the American people want?”
                As I’ve stated before, Trump is the anti-Reagan. Ronald Reagan would be deeply and honestly appalled by Trump’s behavior and demeanor. He would applaud Cruz’s. “The Donald” is the consummate insider, deal-maker, and compromiser. He has been in bed with the East Coast power-brokers for decades. Conversely, Ted Cruz came to Washington rather recently and immediately let the establishment types know he wouldn’t genuflect in their direction, and wouldn’t play by their archaic nanny-state and freedom-suffocating rules. Naturally, big-government types that they are, they hated/hate him for this. Both party’s establishments hate Cruz.
                That is the best endorsement that any politician could possibly have right now.
                Many pundits have nearly come unglued trying to decipher Trump’s hold on so many voters. I completely understand Trump’s appeal. It is just misplaced. Cruz is the real conservative/populist. Cruz is the actual outsider. Cruz understands immigration policy and its affects, the economy, the insanity of political-correctness gone mad, the United States’ proper role in the world, the importance of the Judiciary, and most of the other pressing issues of our time. If elected, he would surround himself with competent, quality, mature adults…who actually love and respect their country and its traditions.
                Obama has turned the concept of friends and enemies on its head. During a Cruz presidency our friends and enemies would be returned to their proper places and would know exactly where they stand and what to expect. That would in turn ensure much greater global stability, benefitting us all.
                The world is in turmoil. The times are getting desperate. Tension and conflict rule the day.
                The United States- and the world- would benefit from Cruz Control.

A.H.- 3/8/2016

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