Tuesday, March 22, 2016


                When will it end?

                Will it end… before our way of life does? Will it end before our lives or the lives of those close to us are ended?
                World Trade Center 1993. Somalia. Israel. Khobar Towers. US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. USS Cole.


                Los Angeles. Moscow. Mombasa. Istanbul. Madrid. Stockholm. Frankfurt. Ottawa. Benghazi. Boston. Copenhagen. Jakarta. Paris. London. San Bernardino.


                When will it end? It will not end as long as we tolerate the continued slaughter.
                Name a country the U.S. has recently attacked without reason or warning. You can’t. There are none. The same goes for England, France and Germany, as well. Canada, too. And now it’s those famously intolerant war-mongering Belgians who’ve been hit.
                More and more countries in the West have welcomed Muslims to their nations. This is consistently how they are paid back.
                There have been over 28,000 attacks carried out world-wide by Islamic terrorists since 9/11. We are not quite three months into 2016, yet there have been 469 attacks in 38 countries that have killed 4,931 and injured  5,205. And counting. And counting. And counting. And…
                And… our leaders still tell us that they are more concerned about our possible “over-reaction” to the attacks than they are about the attacks themselves. This is because they are more worried that we may remove them from power than they are about our safety.
                I am damn tired of moments of silence before sporting events, public functions, etc. The time for lamenting is past. It is time to get loud.

                 We need new leaders.


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