Monday, March 14, 2016

Living Things, Dead Babies

                The left likes to talk about a “living wage.” Everyone who works is entitled to a living wage, they say, regardless of their age, experience, qualifications or what job they are performing. Who gets to decide exactly what a living wage amounts to and how will they do this?
                The left also views the Constitution as a “living document.” They believe it changes right along with us, doesn’t hold us to any set principles. This is exactly the opposite of the Founders intent. They crafted a document that they hoped would lead to a nation uniquely governed by, of, and for its people, a document informed by universal, eternal truths that they hoped would permanently restrict that government’s ability to take away its citizen’s natural rights.
                Yes, progressives have discovered “living” wages and “living” documents… where the concept doesn’t even apply. They seem to be extremely fond of considering things to be alive.

                But not human babies.

                Oddly enough, they believe everyone is entitled to a living wage, but not to life itself. They believe a document is alive, but not a baby in a womb with a heart that's been beating for months.

                I wish we could keep the babies alive and abort the insanity.

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