Wednesday, March 2, 2016

School's Anti-Bullying Program Intrudes On Students, Parents

                An “anti-bullying program” at West Allegheny Middle School has led parents to take legal action. An “exercise” conducted during a January 15th “workshop” at the Pittsburgh school entailed asking students more than two dozen intrusive questions and then “grouping” them among their peers based on the answers.

                The entreaties included, “Please move to the middle of the circle if:”
*You have been impacted by drugs or alcohol
*You have been called fat or made fun of
*You or someone close to you identifies as gay, lesbian, or transgendered
* You have been impacted by mental challenges or learning disabilities
* You or your family has ever worried about not having enough money
* You or someone close to you has been imprisoned
* You have been raised by a single parent
                 "Did anyone answer yes to more than  three of these? Sue and Bobby? Okay, let's have you two go sit over here. Boy, I bet you guys have been bullied, haven't you?!"

                One student’s parent said, “I would never expect a middle school to ask kids if their parents have been in school, if they’re the same sex, if they’re having financial issues. How is that going to affect them?”

                The school itself is certainly guilty of bullying its students and their parents…in the name of “preventing” bullying. I wish that still seemed ironic. But it is- and has long been- the overarching modus operandi of the left: continually “accuse” your political opponents of the very behavior and intent that you yourself engage in and hold dear.

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