Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chicago Protest Shuts Down Trump Rally

                 It was a mob scene in Chicago last night. A few hundred protesters shut down the Donald Trump rally attended by nearly 25,000. You see, they believe their free speech rights are more important than the free speech rights of others, which, of course, actually means that they don’t believe in free speech at all. Fox News reporters asked a number of the protesters what they were there to protest, and they declined to answer. Several of the protesters sported clever “F—K Trump” placards. This was an organized protest, sponsored by and the like. The pathetic individual slugs encouraged by Fox News to exercise their First Amendment rights likely didn’t want to state the truth: that they were paid to be there and disrupt things.
                On campuses across the country, at Trump events nationally, in Hollywood, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., in big cities around the nation, in the mainstream media and in organized religion, “political-correctness” is extinguishing free speech.
                The storm troopers of the politically-correct movement attempt to snuff out all words and thought with which they disagree. (Like mine, for instance).This is part and parcel with slaveholders in the old South wishing their slaves to remain uneducated and ignorant of certain truisms. They are desirous that you are ignorant or apathetic of your plight, but if you are not they must aggressively move to stop you from spreading ideas that may serve to check their power.
                Nazi-ism, Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Socialism, Hillaryism, it matters not. The ‘Big Nanny-State’ shock troops are terrified, as all tyrants are, of words and thought that flow from unconquered, uncorrupted minds.
                 The truth, aided and abetted by courage, may even yet set us free.


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