Thursday, March 17, 2016

Twitter Targeting Conservatives?

                Twitter now appears to be openly targeting populist conservatives, cultural conservatives, libertarians and other politically-incorrect malcontents. Many of the aforementioned are mysteriously disappearing from their timelines. Recently, several prominent and popular conservative, counter-cultural voices have simply been erased from the “Twitter-verse.”
                Coincidentally, earlier this month Twitter instituted a “Trust and Safety Council.” This Orwellian watchdog group is stacked with leftist anti-speech activists such as “Feminist Frequency” and “the Dangerous Speech Project,” organizations leading the drive to eviscerate freedom of speech on campuses… and online.
                I have a 140 character (maximum allowed) tweet for Twitter right now: “The pathetic, self-indulgent tweets that emanate from your politically-correct and controlled platform are nothing but flatulence of the mind. Dude, you suck.”


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