Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trump Tweets!

                                                           Trump Tweets! (Pass Them On!)

                “Marko Rubio, I’m sorry to say, is just plain dumm…really, what else are you gonna call a guy that says the same stuff all the time? Really, what else? Dumm!” #haterepetition#

                “You know, Planned Parenthood does alotta good things… I mean not counting the abortions, and selling of baby parts, but it helps a lot of women out with their health and stuff…” #PPisok

                “I tell ya’, Ted Cruise might be the moast dishonest person I’ve ever met. I mean, he calls me a lyer! WTF?” #thetruthwillsetyoufree

                “Benn Karson is narkoleptic is he not? I mean, he could probably fall asleep making luv to Ivanka, rite?! The only guy that could make Jeb look alive!” #I'mgonnalookstupidifheendorsesme

                “Okay, so I gave big money to Hillary and Harry Reid in the past? So what? I had to cover my bases as a big businessman in New York and as a soon-to-be national political figure… sue me, already!!” #bigwhoop

                “Have you ever noticed that Fox News is fair and balanced? I hate that s—t! They should be groveling at my feet, like everybody else. And, really, I think Megan Kelly is a transgender. I bet ‘she’ has a penis.” #itsnotbiggerthanminethough

                “Is Carly Fiorina here tonight? Oh…she’s not? I couldn’t tell, not that it matters. I thought maybe she was off somewhere taking a pee.” #hugebladderhere

                “Nobody likes Ted Crews…he’s just not nice to everyone. I mean, he claims to believe in certain s--t, and is very consistent in that, but why not just be nice to people? Is that so hard? Love everybody is what I’m sayin’!” #peaceandlove

                “Tedd Crewz sayz I’m a lier? Well, bleep him! I hope he chokes on his next Cubano sandwich or whatever his peeple eat! Also, who ever heard of a Canadian Latino? That’s just weird.” #honestyisthebestpolicy

                “You know, everybody sucks but me…that has been scientifically proven, in fact. I am Yuuuge! Everybody else is small. But I am so open and generous and warm-hearted that I’ll let others continue to stand near me during this election season.” #niceguy

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