Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Brown University Students Upset That Studies Are Interfering With Political Activism

                 According to Chuck Shepherd’s redoubtable weekly News of the Weird column, several students at prestigious Brown University, an Ivy League school, complained via a February story in the student newspaper that classroom work was becoming an increasingly undue burden that was distracting them from the more important calling of organizing and protesting various campus injustices. Students (or parents/taxpayers) pay roughly $50,000 a year for the supposedly elite classroom instruction that more and more students feel is secondary to the need to agitate for socialism, political correctness and social experimentation.

                The students were upset, under-performing academically, and suffering health problems and anxiety issues, because, they said, Brown somehow still expects them to complete course requirements even though they are busy denouncing racism and challenging the weakness of Brown’s diversity policies, among other perceived transgressions.

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