Thursday, March 24, 2016

President Obama Giving Jordan $500 Million Dollars To Build Border Wall

                President Obama is giving Jordan half a billion dollars…to build a border wall so that they might keep Syrian refugees out.
                Let that sink in for a moment. You can’t make it up.
                Yet he’s against building a wall on his own country’s border(s) to prevent drug trafficking, illegal immigration and the infiltration of Islamic terrorists. He routinely utters things like, “Can’t be done,” “Too costly,” “Impractical,” “Won’t solve the problem,” “Not who we are,” etc., in referring to the matter.
                China (“The Great Wall of…”) and the U.S.S.R. (“The Berlin Wall”) have proven that it is eminently doable. If we can toss $500 million to another country to pay for a wall to protect its sovereignty (roughly the same amount we spend each year to subsidize abortion), we can afford to build a functional wall on our own border(s). Impractical, won’t solve the problem? Then why does every person, entity or nation that builds a wall…build a wall? Is it practical to let your nation be overrun by “undocumented aliens?” That “policy” certainly won’t solve the problem(s)! It has led to them. And, as for, “It’s not who we are,” we certainly won’t be who we are now- or who we were and were intended to be- in a very short period of time if we allow unchecked illegal immigration to continue.

                All-in-all, Mr. President, you’re just another brick in the figurative wall…that’s preventing us from defending ourselves by building a real one.

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