Friday, March 4, 2016

Black Lives Matter Activist Running For Mayor Of Baltimore

                 DeRay McKesson, a civil rights activist and the Twitter Identity of the Black Lives Matter movement, is running for mayor of Baltimore. He is one of 13 candidates in the city’s Democratic Primary. Come April, the winner will replace retiring mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (Republicans are never elected mayor of Baltimore). During last year’s extensive rioting, Mayor Rawlings-Blake actually insisted that the violent mobs assaulting her city be given “space to destroy.”
                Ironically, these leftist, race-obsessed leaders are impeccably and unceasingly tolerant of the progressive attitudes and policies that have caused their city’s decades-long slide into destitution and depravity, but rigidly intolerant of the conservative ones that could save them.
                America’s own recent history is flush with numerous examples of conservative policies and values helping to revitalize big cities. Look at New York prior to Rudy Guliani. It was a cesspool of drugs, graffiti and homicide. At the end of his mayoral tenure it was one of the safest and cleanest big cities in the nation.
                There is one common denominator amongst Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Gary (Indiana), East St. Louis, etc., etc. They have all been run by progressives for 30 to 40 consecutive years or more.
                But who are we to say that the ethos of victimization,  polarization, envy, lack of accountability and work ethic, dissolution of the family, mocking of religion and traditional values, punishment of success and reward of sloth,  and demonization of businesses that provide jobs and the tax base for all these cities… won’t suddenly start working great?! It could happen, couldn’t it?

                 Maybe they just need a little more “space to destroy.”

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