Friday, March 25, 2016

The Netherlands Kindly Euthanizing People From Around The Globe

                We know how happy the Danes are, courtesy of the U.N. (see a prior post). But did you know how nobly the Dutch are fighting unhappiness?
                A number of years ago the Netherlands changed its laws to aid and abet “physician-assisted suicide” and began euthanizing patients who suffered from severe and incurable conditions. Soon thereafter, laws were further changed so as to allow those suffering from psychiatric problems to be “offed” at will. Now the nation of tulips will snuff out those who have no diagnosed medical conditions whatsoever, other than autism.
                Supreme Courts (in the nations that have them) are now magically discovering new rights- left and right…I mean left and left. The right to life is out of favor. The right to die is all the rage among the lawyerly intelligentsia.
                Reports indicate that unhappy people are coming to the Netherlands from around the globe in hopes of being killed. And the social welfare state’s “generosity” means that their death is a sort of Dutch treat! You pay to get there, they’ll pay for your extermination!

                Apparently, eliminating people’s unhappiness- along with their lives- must make the Dutch happy. Watch out Denmark, you may go the way of Switzerland. Will the U.N. declare the Netherlands the happiest place on Earth in 2017?

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