Saturday, August 1, 2020

Mayor Lightfoot Shuns Mayor Frey

              Chicago Mayor Gordon Lori Lightfoot recently pulled out of a virtual roundtable discussion on the future of American cities when she found out that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey would be sharing the screen with her. The event was to be hosted by Crain’s Chicago Business, one of the most prestigious business publications in the country. Lightfoot, Frey, and David Axelrod, a Democratic political consultant and former Obama campaign guru, were slated to discuss how COVID-19 and the recent riots will define the future of our nation’s cities. Ironically, it is far-left Democrats such as these who have sentenced the nation’s cities to a dismal, dystopian future, and their ever-dwindling number of inhabitants to a dark and dangerous existence.
              Lightweight Lightfoot lamely attempted to attribute her cancelation to a “scheduling conflict,” though it is abundantly clear she did not wish to share a screen with Frey, who is to mayors as Charlie Brown is to professional athletes. Frey let Minneapolis burn without lifting a finger to save it. He may not even have known it was on fire. During a May 29th press conference specifically to address the rioting, a reporter asked the mayor, “What’s the plan here? What are we doing?” Frey responded, “With regard to?”
              None-the-less, it is remarkable that Mayor Lightfoot, as clueless and feckless as anyone alive, chose to distance herself from Frey. After she forced barbershops and salons to close down due to the coronavirus pandemic, she herself had her hair done. She tried to explain her hypocrisy by stating, “I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media. I’m out in the public eye.” Translation: “I wanted to get my hair done and I’m far more important than you people.”
              Lightfoot shunning Frey is akin to Hitler not wanting to appear with Stalin-- or Bonnie not wanting to be seen with Clyde.
              Ironic and humorous in one sense. 
              Sad, too.

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