Friday, August 21, 2020

California's Assault On Religion, Reason

             California Governor Gavin Newsome issued an executive order shutting down churches on July 13th, ostensibly to combat the spread of the coronavirus. There was no such mandate to shutter the state’s marijuana dispensaries and abortion clinics, however, as everyone knows COVID-19 steers clear of Democratic sanctuaries. Moreover, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti has allowed nightly protests to proceed apace in the City of Light. Perhaps Antifa members have attained herd immunity from the virus.
            Pastor John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church in Los Angeles refused to close its doors to its parishioners, prompting the City of Los Angeles to send it a cease-and-desist letter which threatened both the church and MacArthur with $1,000 daily fines-- and jail time-- for continued violations of the order. The letter gave Pastor MacArthur one day to respond. This, in turn, prompted MacArthur and his church to retain two prominent attorneys, Jenna Ellis and Charles LiMandri. Ellis is the senior legal adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign, serves as a senior fellow at the Falkirk Center for Faith & Liberty, and is the author of The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution. LiMandri began the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund in 2012 and has litigated high-profile cases in California for many years, including the ACLU’s effort to remove the Mount Soledad Cross and San Diego’s effort to force firefighters to participate in a gay pride parade against their religious beliefs. MacArthur says he will instigate legal action if the city attempts to carry out its threats. LiMandri claims that California is discriminating against churches by prohibiting religious services while allowing various other secular enterprises to continue operating.
           To The Left, the Christian religion is a relic of yesteryear, one it hopes to reduce to a figurative monument to oppression and delusion, to be defaced and erased with all due haste, just like all the other monuments to and from a time in which it did not control the country’s institutions…and young people’s minds.
Karl Marx infamously said, “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” Well, religion isn’t the opiate of the masses now. Opiates are the opiate of the masses.
As is the belief in Big Government…and cradle-to-grave protection from want, inconvenience-- and the need to provide and think for oneself.  

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