Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Anthem Kneelers Now Celebrated

              Just a couple of years ago, most Americans viewed those who knelt during the national anthem with contempt. A majority of Americans believed that athletes who knelt during the anthem were being disrespectful of the flag, their nation, and the hundreds of thousands who gave the last full measure of devotion defending the country and its banner.
              That was so yesterday.
              A new CBS poll claims to show that a majority of Americans now believe that anthem-kneeling is an entirely acceptable form of protesting racial and other discrimination. A far greater percentage of young people approve of kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner than do older folks. People’s of color are more likely to approve of this type of protest than their white brethren. By far the biggest divide, however, is found between white Democrats and white Republicans. Roughly 80% of Caucasian Democrats are totally fine with anthem kneelers, whereas roughly the same percentage of white Republicans are not.
              But, as the recent CBS poll shows, people’s opinions can—and do-- change very quickly, especially as regards cultural norms. I have no doubt that, by 2023 at the latest, Americans will be perfectly okay with professional athletes mooning television cameras while the anthem is being played. By 2025, players who are true social justice warriors will feel free to masturbate or take a big, fat dump on the field or court whilst the national anthem is played and the flag formerly known as “Old Glory” waves. In this way, players will express their “resistance” to the social and sexual norms heretofore ruthlessly perpetuated by the white hetero patriarchy…while bravely exposing themselves—and exposing America as the steaming pile of crap that they purport to believe it is.
              (Unless, of course, the national anthem and the Stars and Stripes have been replaced by the song “Imagine” and the LGBTQIIA+ flag by then, respectively.)

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